We have made substantial progress toward our goals, but there is much more we must achieve.


Some of the highlights of the last four years include:

  • Hired a new Superintendent, Dr. Donald Evans, to lead our school district. Dr. Evans is smart, empathetic and dedicated to making sure that all of our students have a real opportunity to succeed.

  • Launched a parent engagement effort that brings more parents into the school and supports their involvement in their students’ learning.

  • Increased reading scores for all demographics of students, with a disproportionately high increase for African American and Latino students.

  • Supported the implementation of the new common core curriculum by investing in our teachers.

  • Designed the next BSEP measure that is on the ballot this November, and will will continue to ensure balanced class sizes that are smaller than all of our neighboring districts, brings music, libraries, and student support to our district.

  • Completed major upgrades to our school sites, including the completion of the M Building at Berkeley High, the completion of the Derby Fields, a new cafeteria at Longfellow Middle School.

  • Developed a model Local Accountability Plan that is focused on directly serving low income children, foster kids, and kids of color in our district through a variety of innovative programs.

  • Addressed an increase in the student population and severe pressures it caused on our school facilities, with a deep sensitivity to the needs of our students to remain in small classes and have safe and engaging places to learn.

  • Spearheaded the policy for Transgender Students and working with parents and teachers to make our district LGBT welcoming and inclusive. This also includes appointing a young lesbian activist to the Youth Commission.

  • I was the board lead on the creation of a new Restorative Practices program for the district, while reducing suspensions by more than half and reducing our expulsions to zero for 2015-2016.

  • I led the district in instituting a new policy to recognize and support our transgender and gender fluid students, becoming a model for the state.

  • Supported our Black students when they walked out in protest of a racist act of hate at Berkeley High, uniting behind the leadership of those most injured by this hate.

  • Committed to a new, more progressive discipline policy that is currently being developed by the Policy Committee.

  • Supported our transition to a cohesive Common Core math curriculum K-12, including the end to early acceleration in math and investing in supporting teachers through coaching and release time at BHS.

  • I suggested and helped initiate monthly office hours for every Board member, increasing access by parents and teachers.

  • I coordinated the efforts with staff to bring our agendas online and move us to live stream our meetings, increasing access by the public.

  • In my role on the BSEP Budget Modeling Committee, I have helped shape the contours of our next BSEP measure, with an eye toward equity and quality instruction.

And I listened. I listened carefully to students, parents, teachers, administrators and community members, working hard to respond through thoughtful solutions that best addressed the sometimes conflicting perspectives.

I am asking for your vote so that I can continue working with you to make our schools excellent places of learning for all of our children.